Quality Control Unit

The philosophy of the quality control system is to ensure the quality and efficacy of the products at all stages of product preparation, for delivery to the market and after the launch to the market.The quality control system not only maintain the quality of products at all stages of production, but also is a process for continuous improvement. In addition, all affairs related to this system are constantly being reviewed and revised.In order to reach the goal of quality management, the quality control unit of Pursina Pharmaceutical Company is working in an area of 250 square meters and consist of different parts including Instrumental analysis, physico-chemical laboratory, microbiology, IPQC and storage room. The system is made up of 15 trained and experienced experts with doctoral degrees in pharmacy, masters and bachelor of chemistry and microbiology, well-equipped spaces and world’s most up-to-date equipment.

The quality control unit has monitored all stages from the time the raw materials arrive at the factory until delivery of the finish product to the distribution unit. By applying different controls in each of these steps, the quality of each product will be ensured to enter the next stage.

A summary of the quality control unit duties is:

 ·         Quality control of raw materials and packaging items

·         Quality control of packaging items

·         Quality control of semi-manufactured products

·         Control and confirm the quality of the final products

·         Quality control and examination of environmental conditions of production in terms of hygiene and cleanliness

·         Quality control of water used in manufacturing

·         Validation of methods for analyzing and clearing production lines

·         Periodic quality control on the sample of products supplied to the market

·         Calibration and verification of the devices and the equipment performance

·         Documentation

In 2013, The Pursina Pharmaceutical Quality Control Unit has received a license for exploitation of authorized laboratory in the field of raw materials and finish products from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and is currently considered one of these laboratories.