Pursina Pharmaceutical Company was founded in 1960, originally under the name of Avisena Pharmaceutical Laboratory. This pharmaceutical laboratory started its activity by producing 15 types of powder and liquid drug formulations. In 1981, Pursina pharmaceutical company was transferred to the current industrial zone with an area of 6000 square meters.
Currently, along with the development of the pharmaceutical industry in the country, the area of the factory has enlarged to 17,000 square meters and its production has increased to 80 chemical drugs (tablets, Sachet and syrup) and 28 herbal medicines.
Pursina pharmaceutical company is working as one of the pioneers in the pharmaceutical industry of Iran, with 12 pharmacists and experienced staffs, advanced research facilities, laboratories, modern machinery and extensive production area. Our company is comprehensively developing its researches to produce new chemical and herbal medicines that will be available in the market in the near future.
The effort of all the people involved in this company is to manufacture products in accordance with world standards to provide high quality drugs in the pharmaceutical market of the country and if possible to offer them globally.