Goals and General Policies

Health is a vital pillar for all people, and finding the proper solutions for health system problems is doing continually. These are the reasons that we came to Pursina to provide our knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry in order to improve the health of the community.
We strive to provide the safest, the most effective and the least costly drugs for all patients in order to promote their quality of life.
Pursina has become one of the pioneers in herbal and chemical drug manufacturing in different category such as cardiovascular, neurology and psychiatry, gastrointestinal, respiratory, analgesic and … .
In general, our strategies are:
1- Production of valuable drugs in terms of effectiveness, safety, economical and societal suitability
2. Innovations in the production of herbal and chemical drugs
3. Constant attention to improving the quality of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
4. Efforts to improve and develop the products

5- Being synchronized with the needs of patients and consumers for manufacturing new products
6. Improving product quality in order to more satisfaction of consumers and patients